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Robbie Williams slams "dentist convention" BRIT Awards

Robbie Williams has slammed this year's BRIT Awards for being like a "dentists' convention".

The British singer surprised fans recently by uploading a fresh track online called 'The Brits 2013'.

The song took aim at the awards ceremony, with Williams explaining that he penned the tune because he was left disappointed by the crowd's reaction to his live slot at the February awards ceremony, which saw him perform his hit single 'Candy'.

The former Take That star has now slammed the coveted awards show, claiming it was very dull.

He told British newspaper The Sun: “It’s a lot of back-slapping. I think people should be entertained. I get it right sometimes, I get it wrong a lot of the time too. But I want to say something different, or be different or cause controversy. Or just have something interesting happen and it seldom doesn’t.

He added: “I was backstage and it was dead — it might as well have been a dentists’ convention. “I’m from 1996 and 1997 where there was Chumbawamba throwing a bucket of water in John Prescott's face or Jarvis Cocker getting up on stage and then being thrown off when Michael Jackson was on. Or Oasis being nasty to Michael Hutchence or me offering Liam Gallagher out.

"I see everything I do as being entertaining. And that was entertainment. People should be more badly behaved or at least interesting.”





Watch Williams perform at the BRITs here: