1. Tell Us About Rachelle Rhienne in a nut shell. I've been singing and performing for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to, and being influenced by artists such as Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. I was having a lot of fun learning different vocal techniques and writing methods and through this, I learned to play piano. I love every aspect of performing; singing, writing, dancing and hopefully some day, I would love to find myself taking part in the acting world too. Right now, the aim is to get my music out there and build up enough of a fanbase to start touring around the world. That has always been my dream. 

2. You’re from Scotland, what’s the music scene like up there? The music scene is great in Scotland! It's such a small circuit up here and everyone seems to know everyone, which is great because we all help each other out. It's such a great atmosphere performing in Glasgow. I love doing really intimate gigs in piano bars where it's just me a nice grand piano. I do a lot of those gigs at the moment in places such a The Corinthian Club, Boudoir and The Metropolitan Bar in Merchant City.

3. You write your own songs, what’s your inspiration? I do. I began to write my own songs at the age of 12, finding my own inspiration from personal experiences and stories which I knew could relate to other people. I write for other artists as well as myself, and I try and write the songs to suit the artists. I've recently landed a song placement with a great artist in Hungary which I wrote with Swedish producer Johan Lundin. Sometimes, when I write the songs for other artists, I find it hard to let them go because I end up wanting to sing them myself! I usually have a concept in mind, write the melody and then proceed in writing lyrics around the concept to fit the melodic structure. I always say this, but as an artist and songwriter, it's just such a rewarding feeling to hear the end product to be exactly how you imagined it when writing it from scratch.

4. What can we expect from a Rachelle Rhienne song? You can expect a contrast of big powerful ballads and up-beat, feel good, pop tracks. I tend to include most of my personal and meaningful material in my ballads, (it's somehow easier and I think a lot of other artists would agree haha!) I like to put a lot of emotion in to my songs. So when I'm in the studio, the lights go off, I get in the zone and I shut out the world. It really helps to set a mood suited for the style of song. For recording the up-beat pop tracks, it helps to dance and smile while singing (as crazy as it sounds ha!) I had a lot of fun recording my current single “When The Sun Goes Down” as I was able to imagine myself partying on a beach and really getting into the vibes, even though I was in a little recording booth, thousands of miles away from a sunny beach.

5. Your debut single is called ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, what’s that about? I wrote this song with the goal of having the listeners relate to its Summer vibe. The song is about travelling the world with “someone special” and realising along the way, you are falling in love with each other. It tells a typical story (beginning, middle and end.) It starts in the sunlight with reference to a couple having fun and getting to know each other more, then progresses as the drinks start to flow. By the time the sun goes down, they are fully relaxed and know how each other are feeling. It's cheesy (I know) but it happens, and I wanted to portray that through my song. 

6. It’s a real summer vibe, can we expect any dance mixes for this? Yes, there will be some dance remixes, so listen out for those as they hit the clubs for the closing parties!

7. The video looks super tropical – where was it shot, was in fun to make? We flew out to Sardinia to shoot the video at the beginning of June and it was so much fun to film! We booked a yacht for one of the scenes on the first day of shooting and it was such a great experience to film and perform on something so dramatic. It was such a different experience for me. I'm sure it was about 36c that day, so it did help when we were sailing as the wind kept us cool. Not to mention, the wind helped create that great “blow your hair” look that you would usually need a fan for. When I got home, I really wanted to go back the next day and do it all again!

8. Can you give us any ‘behind the scenes’ tales about the video? 
Yes! I got to perform a couple of my own stunts.  I love to challenge myself, so for one of the scenes, I got up on to the bow of the boat. The wind was quite strong. I had a long, floaty dress on and had only a tiny little platform to balance my feet on which you can see in the video. It was quite difficult to keep balance when the yacht was moving, one hand holding my dress up so I only had one hand to hold on the sail. Such an adrenaline rush! Another scene led us to climbing up rocky hills and steep paths all in platform shoes and a long dress. My dress kept getting stuck on to sharp plants and tree branches!

9. We can’t ignore your hair, it’s amazing. Is that the core of your image? Thanks so much! I would say it is a strong feature of my image. I've always been blonde and even blonder when I was little! My secret to growing it was (and is) coconut oil. Coconut oil is beneficial for SO many things but it makes your hair grow like crazy and really keeps it in good condition. Another secret which I think a lot of people are catching on to now is “Sugar Bear Hair.” These are gummy supplements that provide all the vitamins and ingredients you need to make your hair grow. They have recently sent me a free bottle through the post which I'm really excited to get! They're amazing!

10. Any plans for an album? Definitely! I have countless songs in my catalogue at the moment, so it's all about finding the right ones, getting them produced and recorded and packaged into an album.

11. What’s next for Rachelle Rhienne? I have one of my next single's and music video's ready for release which was shot in December last year. It has more of an Autumn/Winter vibe so we will be planning to release that in the next few months leading into Winter and then another single or two will follow. I will be travelling back and forth to London to write, record and produce with some great producers and musicians and gigging as much as possible! The aim at the moment is to build up a bit of buzz and spread my music around to as many people as possible. 

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