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Sarah Harding teases 2014 plans: 'I'm busy and a lot of it is music, music, music!'

Former Girls Aloud superstar Sarah Harding has teased that a solo project might be in the works for next year because she's currently concentrating on "music, music, music". 

When asked by the Daily Mirror about what she hopes to accomplish in the next twelve months, the blonde beauty explained that while she can't share any specific detail at the moment she is doing something music related:

“I’m doing all sorts of stuff at the moment. A lot of it is music, music, music. I have a few big things coming up for next year but at the moment it's all very hush hush."

Earlier this year, the songstress told press that she's the only member of Girls Aloud not to have released or worked on a solo music project so she feels it's about time she thought about changing that:

"Before the farewell tour I started putting things into place to make sure I'd be kept busy after we finished. I'm the only Girls Aloud member who hasn't had a real shot at going solo so I want to give that a try. I've been recording and writing material for three years now."






Watch Harding on 'Through The Keyhole' below: