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The Saturdays' Frankie on family life: 'I want to keep my career'

Singer Frankie Bridge, of The Saturdays fame, has opened up about being a mother to her boys Parker and Carter and confessed that she's lucky to have such a supportive and equal husband in footballer Wayne Bridge.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the beauty explained that co-parenting is the way to go: "You know what, luckily we're equal. I don't think I would have liked someone that would leave all the horrible jobs to me. So luckily he’s changed just as many, if not more, dirty nappies as I have."

She went onto add that while her family is definitely her priority, she is definitely keen to keep her career and do more work projects in the future:

"Obviously the boys are my main priority, but for me my mum was always a working mum and I've wanted to keep my career. I do feel like I’ve been working since I was 12, and I’ve achieved a lot. And I’m happy with what I have achieved. So, I do feel like I’m now in the position to hopefully pick and choose."

Last Autumn, Frankie told the press that 2016 might be the year that The Saturdays reunite: "I think next year you'll definitely see us all doing something! The lucky thing for us is that we are all still together, we are just taking a break, so we all will be back doing something. We're not putting an end to anything! If anyone still wants us we'll be there!"

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