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Mollie King from The Saturdays reveals 10-year plan of marriage and babies

The Saturdays' Mollie King has revealed that she is often nervous when performing live and tries to be aware of the faces she's pulling while on stage.

In a new interview with Women's Health magazine, the '30 Days' songstress explained that the rest of her bandmates all mock each other if they're caught pulling their individual behind-closed-doors "sexy face":

"Each one of us dreads the other girls seeing us do our 'sexy face' whilst performing — you know you're going to get stick afterwards, a lot of ribbing from the rest of the group."

King also added that although she loves her career, she's starting to think about the future and admitted that having children and getting married are two things she has her sights set on:

"I love the band. They're my life. But in ten years time I also hope to have a family. I'm such a girl and already have my baby names planned. Now I just need to find a good man."




Watch the girl group's latest music video below: