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Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic hits out at 'inauthentic' pop stars

Scissor Sisters' stylish frontwoman, Ana Matronic, has hit out at the pop stars who promote "inauthenticity" by copying her "freaky" costumes. 

Speaking to Metro following her band's performance at Lovebox festival, the singer explained that it's boring when fans are fed this crazy idea of their favourite musician only to find that underneath the costume the person is "just boring".

"‘You see these people who are like, "Someone make me something freaky”. I think if you strip away the costumes and it’s a nice normal conservative Christian girl underneath all that, it is just boring."

"There is a lot of dress-up and costumes in pop music today. It is just, “Here’s a costume, I’m going to put it on. Not because it represents something larger or I made it or this is an expression of myself”. It’s “I want everyone to look at me so I’m going to put this on.” There is an aura of inauthenticity. It seems heartless and soulless.’ 

She added that Scissor Sisters are the real deal and said, "we are outrageous people. That’s just who we are. When you take the layers off, we are still people who live outside the norm."

Watch the group perform 'Filthy Gorgeous' here: