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Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears recalls forgotten Kylie Minogue duet

Scissor Sisters mainman Jake Shears has revealed that he completely forgot he once wrote a song with Kylie Minogue

The singer told Real Radio North East that the track 'Too Much' - which appeared on Kylie's 2010 'Aphrodite' album and was written by Kylie, Calvin Harris and Shears - had completely slipped from his mind.

It was only when he questioned Harris about the song that he remembered actually writing it. He said:

"Two hours later I got a full song in my inbox with Kylie singing. A finished Calvin Harris-produced song and I had no recollection of writing it."

He added: "It was a good pop song and I was sitting listening to it thinking he must have pulled this from another session because I don't remember this at all and then my voice comes onto the backing vocal for the whole second half of it."




Listen to Kylie's 'Too Much' below: