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Scissor Sisters star reveals appreciation of UK fans

Scissor Sisters star Ana Matronic has revealed her appreciation of UK fans, claiming they ‘get’ the band more than audiences in their US homeland.

The 37-year-old, whose group are expected to chart later today with new single, ‘Only The Horses,’ told The Guardian that she will always be grateful for the way in which the UK has responded to their music:

 “I feel like people get us [the Scissor Sisters] here better than anywhere else. Music is really important to UK culture in a way that it's not in the US.

“Over there it's either background noise or people identify so strongly with one genre that they can't see anything else.”

The ‘Kiss You Off’ singer, who recently appeared as a guest mentor with Jessie J on The Voice, also went onto express her thoughts on the differences between the right-wing political parties on both sides of the Atlantic:

“Right now, America terrifies me. "Conservative" in the US means something completely different to what it does in the UK.

“David Cameron and his crew are nowhere near as freaky and bizarre as folk over in the States.”




Watch Scissor Sisters perform 'Only The Horses' on The Voice below: