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Snoop Dogg doesn't approve of 'The Voice' because music-based fame isn't just about vocals

Rap sensation Snoop Dogg has slammed televised talent show 'The Voice' for the two-dimensional expectations it projects where a potential new pop star is concerned.

The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' hitmaker explained that although it's important to be vocally skilled, there is much more to cutting it in the spotlight and he believes the winning contestant won't have a long career because a voice simply isn't enough to create or carry a superstar.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper he admitted: "The Voice don't understand that you need more than a voice to be an artist. You could have the best voice ever, but be as boring as hell."

"I don't see it producing a One Direction or Susan Boyle. Simon Cowell knows how to put a show together."




Watch Cheryl Cole's recent performance on 'The Voice' below: