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Lena Dunham on Taylor Swift: 'I used to tell people I thought we could be good friends'

'Girls' actress and writer Lena Dunham has revealed that pal Taylor Swift is a huge inspiration to her and she loved her music before they even met.

During an interview with BBC 6 Music recently, Dunham explained that she is 'obsessed' with the 'Out Of The Woods' songstress and used to joke about how she thought they would be good friends

"I've been obsessed with Taylor Swift since her first song. 'Teardrops On My Guitar' was the first one I became familiar with, but I think she's been a fully formed creative voice since she was 15 and really does sing my story."

"I've loved her from the beginning and I would always tell all my friends that I really think if Taylor Swift and I met we would be really good friends, we're both mining our personal lives. I used to tell my friends, 'Oh if we met...' and they'd be like, 'Shut up. You and Taylor Swift don't have anything in common, she does not care what you have to say'."

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