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Taylor Swift: 'Motherhood is the only other thing that will fulfill me in the same way that music does'

Country-pop superstar Taylor Swift has revealed that there's only one thing she believes will make her as happy as music does, and that is having a family.

The songstress, who previously admitted that she wants at least four children, has explained that being a mother is something she desperately wants to happen in her future because she thinks it will be as fulfilling as her current career is:

"Being a mom full time, doing everything for my kids, having a bunch of them. One day, I'm sure. But that's the only other thing that could be as thrilling for me as doing this."

She also opened up to Cosmopolitan magazine about when she knows someone will be important to her, and added: "I need that unexplainable spark ... I just need to see someone and feel 'Oh, no, uh-oh.' It's only happened a few times in my life, but I feel like if I was gonna be with someone forever, it would be because I saw them and I thought, 'Oh, no.'"

Despite her dreamy expectations of love, Swift reassured herself that she knows when to call time on a failing relationship:

"I've had a lot of dark and twisty situations happen, enough to realise that when someone exhibits signs of evoking a dark and twisty relationship and dark and twisty feelings, it's not interesting to me. I've learned when to get out. I've never wasted too much time with the wrong person and that's one thing I'm proud of." Watch her music video for 'Begin Again' here: