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The Wanted reveal Justin Bieber likes to hit them in the testicles

The Wanted have revealed what life on tour with Justin Bieber is like - quite sore, it seems.

Speaking to the Mirror, Jay McGuiness said that the teen star is a "prankster" and that he is always up to mischief.

He even managed to hit The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran in his reproductive organ not once but twice. McGuiness said:

"Justin Bieber is a prankster. He pranks people all day. Although I'm not actually sure that what he did to Siva was a prank…We'd done the show and Justin basically just came up and punched Siva hard in the b****. And then did it again. Siva wanted to hit him back, but you can't go around smacking kids…he's only little."

Tom Parker added: "Siva limped into the dressing room and asked 'Why's he picking on me?' It was funny."




Watch The Wanted's new video 'Chasing The Sun' below: