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The Wanted say their US success was "pretty shocking"

The Wanted have revealed that they have found their US success "pretty shocking".

The band have enjoyed a fair amount of success Stateside, with the likes of One Direction also doing well.

Speaking on Daybreak, The Wanted's Max George said that he found their rise to fame in the US particularly shocking - but he knows they haven't cracked it just yet. He said:

"It's been long and tiring but it's been pretty shocking for us, in a good way. The reception in the US has been amazing, like it was here. We've loved every minute of it. It's just a start, but we haven't cracked it yet, we've just had one single."

Tom Parker meanwhile said that it has always been the band's goal to break it in America. He said:

"It's always been a goal [cracking the US]. It's every band's goal. It's just a good time for British music with One Direction, Coldplay and Jessie J. We didn't go over with much expectation."




Watch The Wanted's 'Chasing The Sun' below: