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Ting Tings reveal second album details

The Ting Tings have revealed that they plan to name their forthcoming second album 'Kunst'.

Katie White and Jules De Martino's next effort, which they have been recording in Berlin, is set for release later this year – with the pair telling NME.COM that the title was inspired by a massage parlour near their studio.

"Just round the corner to our studio there's a massage parlour, it's called Massage Kunst," De Martino explained. "It's Massage Art, basically ["kunst" is German for "art"]. We took a picture of that and sent it to our label, saying this is the title of the album. They went berserk."

The pair said that song titles set for the final tracklisting of the follow-up to their 2008 debut 'We Started Nothing' include 'Help' and 'Hands'. "We listened back to some of the demos and we thought, hold on a minute, this is sounding too much like we’re rocking out live," De Martino added of early album sessions. "We bought a couple of old weird synths in New York and smuggled them in our suitcases back to Berlin and they started to come strong on the music."

Watch the official video for 'Hands' below: