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Usher claims new album is a risk

Usher has claimed that he took a risk by working with the likes of producers Diplo and Swedish House Mafia on his new album, ‘Looking For Myself.’

The R&B superstar, who recently promised that the record would 'storm Ibiza' this summer, told the Guardian that he's not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to making music, even if it may alienate some of his previous fans.  

"It was a risk. But hey man, if you take no risk, you stand to gain nothing in life.

“Dare to be different. I don't look like you, I don't walk like you, I don't dance like you, I don't move like you or talk like you. That doesn't make me odd, that makes me who I am. I want people to feel that essence of growth.

“This album is very consistent in the aspect of being eclectic.”

The 33-year-old, whose new single ‘Climax’ entered the UK charts at number four last week, also rejected claims that the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Raymond v Raymond’ is a sexual record:

"I try to be eloquent. I try to be intelligent in the way I approach speaking about sex. I don't want you to tell them that my album is a sexual album. Show Me is about a night of excellent fun at a club. Numb with Swedish House Mafia is about having no fear."




Watch the video for 'Climax' below: