Recapture the Joy of Life with Azwel’s Album “From Now On”

The brainchild of songwriter Jason Perillo, Azwel is a melodic and dynamic band that channels the best of Brit Pop, Rock and Roll and various other styles to create a memorable and accessible music that will remind you about the best parts of life. Featuring a brand new backing band consisting of Joe Lorge (guitar/backing vocals) Gregg Steele (bass/backing vocals) and Johnny Zalatel (drums/percussion, Azwel’s expansive and engaging sound navigates a full range of human emotion across it’s new digitally released album “From Now On”.

 Azwel employs a truly impressive array of instrumentation across this album; soundscapes come to life with the percolating music of electric/acoustic guitars, strings, piano, vintage electric pianos, moogs and mellotrons along with some brass, flute and stylophone performances. Jason Perillo and Azwel have truly created something memorable. Anyone who appreciates beautiful, melodic, emotionally potent music will find common cause in Azwel’s new album “From Now On”.  The band’s 10th studio album, this piece of music captures the band at its finest hour. 

With upbeat tracks smoothly aligned next to more reflective and somber numbers, this album is the perfect way to recapture the spark of inspiration and joy of life. As Perillo emotes, he creates vivid and moving portraits of life, vignettes of times and places that feel very real. Azwel creates beautiful and melodic music that is craftily arranged and expertly delivered. Fans of passionate and meaningful rock and pop music will gravitate towards “From Now On” and find plenty of magic across this album’s 9 unique tracks.

Soothing, catchy, cathartic and fun, “From Now On” is the perfect music for relaxing and escaping the stresses of the modern world. A deeply melodic and intriguing piece of music, this album creates lasting impressions that will instantly appeal to fans of all ages. If you appreciate beautiful and moving music, you need to check out Azwel’s new album “From Now On”.

“From Now On” is now available on Bandcamp and CDBaby. Azwel is currently on tour and booking shows all the time. For more information about the band and it’s live touring schedule,  visit: 


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