Spreading Jam

Brief Description:

Jam is social media marketing agency, and part of Engine. We create award- winning social media communication strategies for brands.

Official Website: http://www.spreadingjam.com/

About Company

We built Jam to be able to help brands take advantage of the changing digital world; a world where opinions & recommendations are shared amongst millions of people every second of every day.

Jam understands how content, ideas, recommendations and opinions spread and how brands can be built or eroded in a connected world – but crucially, how simple conversations can lead to sales.

What fascinates us is the pace at which things are changing; people continually strive to be more connected, to be able to spread the word quicker to more people – on more platforms – wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. New technology, new platforms, and new devices bring us closer – and we at Jam are passionate about helping brands be a part of this.

That’s our mission – to ensure that our clients’ brands are not only relevant, talked about and recommended in today’s digital world, but are also shaping the way people choose to interact within that world.

Working since 2008 – and now part of Engine – we’re a 70 strong team of analysts, community managers, customer service specialists, mobile strategists, digital media & PR experts, designers and developers. And we’re working with some big brands like Sky, Samsung, Renault, Next, News International, ODEON and Comet amongst others.

Our work leads us to some exciting and often uncharted places – social local, social commerce, social mobile, social networks, social search, social TV, social gaming…

Social everything – and that’s why we love it.


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