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Cannonball PR specialize in offering creative marketing and PR solutions across the entertainment industry for music, film and related brands. Through strategic planning, communication, engagement and delivery of products to an online audience by building support and awareness improving longevity, loyalty and success is what we are all about.


Country: United Kingdom

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About Company

Cannonball PR specializes in providing artists and brands an online solution to communicating, engaging and delivering products to an online audience.

We create bespoke campaigns which promote and raise the artist/brand’s online profile, whilst working closely with the artist/brand to help them communicate and interact with their audience of fans to build and maintain strong ties and loyalty.
We listen and monitor all online channels for the latest news, websites and avenues to promote the music/brand to, and we react instantaneously by presenting and advising on the correct opportunities to explore.

Words we stand by and incorporate into every campaign are: Communicate + Engage + Create


- Produce customised campaigns/promotions across third party sites to maximize exposure and content to targeted demographics.
- Organise editorial (news, reviews, interviews and previews), audio (podcasts, mp3, remix, downloads, streams) and video (behind the scenes, interviews, tour diaries, downloads, streams) features with sites.
- Direct marketing through databases and social networks 

- Build a meaningful relationship with fans through conversations and interaction via social networks, blogs and micro blogging
- Promote the artist/brand’s music/message across the internet through comments and discussion to their targeted fans and potential audiences.
- Adopt grassroots campaigns for artists/brands through tastemakers and bloggers. 

- Design and Maintenance – Website / Blog / Social Networks (including MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Last.Fm and You Tube)
- Custom design and list management for artist/brand mailers
- Viral games and interactive promotional widgets/applications
- Video and audio content creation – including encoding, hosting & placement
- Rich media and flat assets (ie. interactive multimedia and static photography/design imagery)


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