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Music Publicity & Consultancy. We get great bands press coverage, radio airplay & a lot more. Our clients get airplay on BBC national & regional stations and a huge range of radio shows elsewhere, as well as coverage in monthly magazines, daily newspapers and influential websites.

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Address: Leeds

Country: United Kingdom

Media Contact Name: Debs Brown

About Company

Saint In The City has one central ethos - to help talented artists grow their careers & achieve their goals.

We're a business that's passionate about getting great new music the exposure it deserves. With experience not only in media promotion and publicity but also in songwriting, touring, recording, distribution, radio production, Film/TV licensing and marketing we're uniquely equipped to support our roster in building their fanbase & media profile. We can offer an affordable 360 solution to your promotional needs across national, international, regional and digital radio and press.

We've worked on a range of campaigns that have seen our artists gain national & international radio airplay with huge stations, secure features & interviews with influential magazines & websites, have their songs placed on hit TV shows and co-ordinate social media campaigns that have reached hundreds of thousands of people. Check out our RESULTS page for a few examples.

We only work with acts we think can be successful, and we'll work as a team together to make that success a reality. You bring the great music - we'll do the rest.

Whether you have an album, EP or single release on the horizon - drop us a line.

Email us at now.


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