Surreal pop artist SlimDali releases trilogy of videos - Cult EP out 30/3 on Oil Records

SlimDali was created in the Oil Records lab, a Surreal Pop science experiment gone wrong (or right?), thus depending on the perception of your artistic old eye? He was born with a distinctive fully waxed mustache and an affinity for melting clocks, hence the name.

SlimDali is a polymath with his individual artistic and musical expertise spanning a significant number of different subject areas. These areas include song-writing, solo multi-instrumentalist performing, recording and the video production of his danceable debut “Cult” EP.

The three track EP comes with a self produced video trilogy, which will be released throughout March combining concepts of time (Inevitable), perception (Seven Bells) and communication (The Old Eye). The whole art project is a solo byproduct of Slim Dali as nobody else was involved in the making and final outcome of this unique Cult EP.

 An eccentric with a sense of *humour this is your introduction to the art haus performance world of SlimDali ......

(* Humor is key, almost like the lovely sugar coating you get on pills.)    Twitter: @SlimDaliUk 

March 23, 2015 9:41am ET by 1-2-hear   Comments (0)

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