+ Most Known For His PmBata Remixes & His Viral Tik Toks Where He Turns Fan Stories Into Melodic Bops, This Double Single Serves As A Follow-Up To "Favorite Song" Released Earlier This Year


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[NOVEMBER 12, 2021] - Today, rising rhythmic pop sensation PmBata releases two new singles "2little 2late" and "huh!". Listen to "2little 2late" by PmBata: https://amzn.to/3DbyyXz

The two standout tracks showcase Pm's incredibly authentic lyrical mysticism, curation of playful pop-rap beats as well as his striking ability to seamlessly challenge genre lines. "2little 2late" is a relatable and punchy pop melody, detailing the young artist's experience dealing with people from the past, returning to his life after witnessing his triumphs. When asked about the inspiration behind the track, PmBata stated, "2little 2late is a song about a girl (and multiple people) from my past hitting me up out of the blue now that I’ve become more successful than I was back when I was rapping in the hallways of my high school,"

"huh!" embroiders hypnotic flute-like instrumentals, snazzy 808 beats, and PmBata's mesmerizing mix of spirited and fluid wordplay. The boastful rap track emphasizes the importance of staying humble, being true to who you are, and living unapologetically. "huh! is a fun and lyrical song about how success has changed my life," exclaimed Pm. "but throughout it all I still remained the same… including my sense of humor."

Earlier this year, Pm unleashed the unequivocally catchy and bouncy beat, "favorite song"​​​​​​​, which emblematized his first official release since signing with 300 Entertainment. The burgeoning genre-bender also wrote and was featured on the song "Roadtrip" which accumulated over 18 million views on Youtube and more than 76 Million streams on Spotify alone. PmBata's unique fusion of contemporary pop's jovial tonality and hip-hop's invigorating wordplay distinguishes him as one to watch out for in popular music and beyond. The young hit-maker is ready to begin his new chapter in music, as he gears up for a full-length project, coming soon!



Parker Bata, better known as PmBata, is taking the world by storm with his dynamic flow, stunning fluidity and rhythmic sound. At only 21 years old, PmBata is making waves with his new age Hip Hop that melds old school with new school, defying musical genres and expectations - all while pursuing his college degree. The Kansas City, MO native is a self-taught vocalist and producer. PmBata credits his sonic influences to Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, and Logic which aided him in crafting his own sound, which he describes as a combination of catchy melodies with hard hitting rhythms with pop and jazz influences.

PmBata recorded and produced many of his early singles and projects while in college at University of Central Missouri, where he is currently studying music tech. These projects include 808 Facades and The Museum. He has since released notable singles like “Nobody Came To My Party”, “Run It Up”, "Down For Real”, and fan favorite “Roadtrip”, which is now nearing over 76 million streams on Spotify. Now, with over 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and millions of views on YouTube, PmBata is ready to embark on the next phase of his musical journey. He has more music coming soon and he has no intention of slowing down.

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