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Jared Leto on One Day Becoming a Father: “I have more to offer the older I get”

30 Seconds To Mars superstar Jared Leto has opened up about ageing and wanting to maybe have kids one day, and confessed that there's no time limit on things like that for him because he will do them when he's ready.

The 42-year-old music star and actor explained that he doesn't mind the fact that he's not yet married and doesn't have children because he feels as though he's only getting wiser as he ages, which can only be a good thing where raising a family is concerned:

“I joke with my [older] brother, Shannon. I say we have skipped our first divorces, which is kind of nice. I also say we’re getting so old when we have kids, they’re going to come out and instead of saying ‘Dad,’ they’re going to say, ‘Grandpa.’”

“I think that getting older is great. You have so much more to offer. You’re so much more patient. You’ve learned a lot of lessons you can share. I know people who were older when they had kids and that’s a really great thing. My mom was super young when she had kids and that was great too, so it depends on the person.”

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