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Jared Leto: 'A fan sent me a f**king shrunken head'

Singer and actor Jared Leto has revealed that a fan once sent him an "entire f**king shrunken head" as a gift.

The 30 Seconds To Mars superstar, who has also previously received a severed ear in the mail, told Australian reporters that he is no stranger to bizarre presents from followers but a recent box contained something he never expected:

"Someone gave me another ear here [in Australia] earlier actually. But I've been sent a lot of weird things, let me tell you. That is the least weird."

"I've had all kinds of bizarre and interesting things. I got a shrunken head once. An entire f***ing shrunken head. I get sent prosthetic parts too but I generally return those to sender."

Leto also opened up about his band's new record, 'Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams', to and added that he feels as though they have broken new musical ground with the offering:

"You know, your creativity is like a fingerprint, it's hard to get away from it. You are who you are, your DNA is in what you do, but if you challenge yourself and push yourself hard enough you can break new ground. And I think that we've done that for ourselves with this album. I think that we've pushed to an entirely new place, and that's exciting."





Check out the band's new single, 'Up In The Air', here: