360 Sound And Vision Kept Us Entertained During The Pandemic

The company is fast becoming an outlet for some of the most unique releases. Both the movies and documentaries feature some fresh ideas.


360 Sound And Vision Ltd.

The year 2020 was quite a difficult year for most of us. During this crucial time, most of us were saved by new movies and TV series.

360 SOUND AND VISION has kept us entertained with some of its best work during the pandemic. The company is fast becoming an outlet for some of the most unique releases. Both the movies and documentaries feature some fresh ideas.

It has released several movies in 2020 and is all set to release a few more. Some of its upcoming releases include The Limits of Time and Space, The Orgone Box, Mind Bend has yet to hit the screen, but you can check out their highly acclaimed releases including The Face In The Wall, The Glasses, The Glasses 2, Cybornetics: Urban Cyborg, Dinner With Lloyd, 5 Points: An Historical Journey and more. You might be surprised at how this small indie studio is giving tough competition to some major Hollywood studios.

The movies are very informative, and the direction is simply brilliant. The plot of the movies is very different from other movies and unsurprisingly it is praised by the audience who welcomed the fresh breath of air. 360 SOUND AND VISION have also worked with some experimental documentaries which are much similar to the Netflix documentaries. Some of them include Space Womb: a documentary about Jongwang Lee, a Korean artist. His somewhat peculiar yet interesting works feature his yearn to return to the mother's womb, which is inarguably the safest, coziest place there is.

Another interesting, yet distinct documentary explores some of the mysteries of the pyramids in Egypt. The documentary Great Mysteries Of The Sphinx attempts to unravel the mysteries of the greatest and oldest man-made buildings. This is quite an interesting pick as most of us are fascinated by the pyramids. There are a number of legends and rumors associated with this place.

360 SOUND AND VISION has also come forth with a line of it's tech products and gear. This section features some of the latest advancements in technology including Plug-and-Play 360 Sound And VISION HD 1000 Video Glasses, 360 BEAT'S 100 - Portable Pocket MP3 Player, 360 BEAT'S 100 - Portable Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker, Polarized Glasses, Mobile-Phone and Gadget Covers, and even Virtual Reality Headsets of the most sophisticated technology. The list also includes some ultra-sleek Video Glasses. In fact, the website features a lot of variety in the video and virtual reality glasses. 360 SOUND AND VISION aims to revolutionize entertainment with its wide array of products: both movies and gadgets.

So, the next time you want to watch something out of the box, be sure to check out the enormous collection on their website. The content is truly unique and captivating and their tech gear is of the finest quality. There are several movies and documentaries available on their website now and 360 SOUND AND VISION is all set to release multiple more. The company carefully packs your orders to deliver them in the best condition possible. Physical contact with the merchandise is minimized as per according to the SOPs.



360 Sound And Vision is a media and technology company based in New York City.

March 16, 2021 11:30pm ET by 360 Sound And Vision Ltd.  

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