Great Mysteries Of The Sphinx Comes To Digital Streaming, Digital Download & TV Online

Great Mysteries Of The Sphinx Comes To Digital Streaming, Digital Download & TV Online


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If you’re interested in the architecture of the ancient Egyptian world and the mysteries surrounding it, check out the video Great Mysteries of the Sphinx. From telling you about the historic origins of the word sphinx, what it represents, and how the ancient Egyptians viewed it, the documentary is chock full of information that will have you reeling in your seat.

The documentary also poses different questions that will make you think. For instance, does the information about our past information about a long-forgotten civilization of mankind or important ancient knowledge improve our modern lives today? Did the ancient Egyptians have access to things we don’t? And what secrets of the universe does the Sphinx have? The documentary answers these questions and more.

The video sets the scene by talking about ancient Egypt and where the pyramids are located. It also tells us exactly which pyramid the sphinx is located in and which route to take to get there. The video is spot on and uses actual images of the pyramids and sphinx to awaken the interest of the viewers. What’s more, it also shows us pictures of Egypt through the ages.

It’s neither too fast nor too slow. You’ll be immersed in the video for the first couple of minutes. You will also learn plenty of new things. Like how some people believe that the Sphinx dates more than 20,000 years. That’s even before the ice age. You’ll also learn how the sphinx was carved. It wasn’t constructed like the pyramids block by block. In fact, the sphinx was carved from a single block of stone—a testament to the true craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians.

As the video progresses, it makes the viewers think of the ancient Egyptians in a whole new light. People are moved to wonder about the excellence of these people. Even with all our modern technology, we would still have some problems in erecting such a magnificent structure. How then did these people manage to do it with no apparent tools and in such a way that it still stands today? It seems this is another one of the questions the documentary wants us to think about.

The video also talks about the history of pyramids and talks about notable people such as King Snefuru who moved around stones to build the pyramids. In fact, the narrator says that he moved the greatest number of stones to build these pyramids. The video also talks about how the sphinx might have supernatural powers. Another possibility of the sphinx is that it is a replica of the ancient pharaoh.

Someone who is watching the video might believe that it delves too much into the history of pyramids, which wasn’t really the topic. And that’s certainly true. However, the narrator is just doing that to show how the sphinx is related to the pyramids and the pharaoh at the time—a fact which is revealed towards the end of the video. All in all, a great video with chockfull of information with every minute. Be sure to watch it!

Great Mysteries Of The Sphinx is written, directed & narrated by Dwayne Buckle. It is released by 360 Sound And Vision Ltd, an NYC-based media & technology company, and is now available on Digital Streaming, Digital Download, TV Online & DVD. Watch It Now!

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