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Many of us feel our hearts swell with pride as we take to our doorsteps and windows each week and applaud the carers, nurses, doctors, cleaners and everyone else working in dangerous conditions to look after us right now. [1]

Top politicians understand that we’re all right behind these heroes. And just days ago a government minister promised that those on the frontline would receive an "appropriate level of recognition". [2] Together, we can push for a pay rise for those who undoubtedly deserve it.

There are millions of us reading this. Imagine the message it would send if all of us signed a petition to those in power: We all stand behind our heroes - and we want them to get the pay they deserve. It could pressure the government to turn warm words into a concrete pay rise - and show the world what we truly value as a country.

If you think that health and care workers deserve a pay rise, will you sign the petition now?


Many of our heroes who work in health and care won’t be thinking about their pay right now. The constant worry, long hours and emotional toll means that many will be focusing on just getting through the day. But we all know they deserve a proper reward for the life-saving work they’ve always been doing - and together, we can win that for them.

For years our NHS and care homes have faced a staffing crisis. [3] Long hours, difficult working environments, and comparatively low pay have meant that many people don’t stick around. It’s little wonder, when there’s so little money compared to some other jobs. [4]

As 38 Degrees members, we have always fought to protect our health service and it’s staff. Now, in this crisis, our government has admitted they deserve more. Together, we can push them to permanently raise pay for our heroic frontline staff.

So please will you sign the petition demanding a permanent pay rise for our health and care heroes. It only takes a few seconds.

Thank you for everything you do,
Mike, Sarah, Rachel, and the 38 Degrees team

P.S. This is a difficult time for many of us. Here are some resources that you might find helpful during the coronavirus crisis.

Search for your local Covid-19 mutual aid group here:

If you have reduced or lost income, you can see what benefits you are eligible for here:

Find resources that will help you if you are struggling with your mental health here:

You can find out how to get support if you think you may be at risk of domestic abuse here:

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April 16, 2020 11:15am ET by 38 Degrees  

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