A UK debut: Fluisteraars confirmed for FORTRESS FESTIVAL 2024

The Dutch duo will perform their first in the UK and third-ever show at Fortress Festival with a 2024 UK exclusive set

Fluisteraars join a prestigious line-up of Triptykon, Wolves in the Throne Room, Panopticon, Blackbraid, Misþyrming, Gaerea, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Thy Light, Furia and many more

Festival to take place on 1-2 June 2024 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK



Following on from yesterday’s poster reveal and confirmation of second stage headliner Misþyrming, Fortress Festival is not stopping and has revealed another exclusive show for 2024. Dutch atmospheric black metal band Fluisteraars will also visit the Scarborough shores in June 2024.

This will be a 2024 UK exclusive show for Fluisteraars and their first-ever UK show in the band’s nearly fifteen-year career. Other than Roadburn, this is currently the only 2024 live appearance planned by the Dutch act and their third-ever show in their brief concerting history.

Fluisteraars said: "After Iceland, we are looking forward to playing on another island. Again, an island full of mythical history that we hope to get a taste of. We will play a set with various songs from our entire oeuvre. We'll see you there."

Gary Stephenson, Fortress Festival organiser and Reaper Agency UK founder, said: "Drenched in raw atmospherics and folkloric mysticism, and with three incredible full-length albums and many other EP & split releases in their pocket, it is finally happening; After 15 long years, Fluisteraars are coming to perform live in the UK at Fortress Festival '24. The band have only performed live once in their career, and besides their forthcoming 2024 performance at Roadburn, Fortress Festival is currently their only planned live show. We are honoured to welcome the band to this prestigious and exclusive line-up of black metal acts from around the world."

Fluisteraars join a stellar line-up of special bands and exclusive shows. Previously confirmed bands include Triptykon with a 2024 UK exclusive and mainstage headlining show, Wolves in the Throne Room with a 2024 UK exclusive and mainstage headline “Two Hunters” set (the first time the iconic album will be performed live in the UK), second stage headliners Misþyrming with a 2024 UK exclusive show, second stage headliners Regarde Les Hommes Tomber with a UK exclusive show for 2024, Blackbraid with a debut and exclusive UK show, Panopticon with a 'Roads to the North' anniversary full album set, and Furia with an exclusive UK show.

The highly-regarded Portuguese act Gaerea will also visit the North Yorkshire shores. Fortress Festival will also be witness to a UK exclusive show from Brazilian “depressive black metal” band Thy Light, a return to the UK with an exclusive show from German black metallers Ultha, a UK exclusive set from Bavarian-based Waldgeflüster, a UK exclusive set from Sweden’s Dödsrit, UK black metal act Blood Countess, the solo music project of Norwegian metal multi-instrumentalist Kathrine Shepard: Sylvaine, Obsidian Kingdom with a UK exclusive ‘Mantiis' full album set, Fellwarden with its worldwide live debut, Lamp of Murmuur with a UK exclusive performance, Falls of Rauros with their first ever UK show, Danish atmospheric black metal band Sunken and UK black-death-doom act Abyssal.

The event is 50% sold out but standard weekend tickets at £159 are still available via https://www.fortressfestival.co.uk/tickets

1-2 June 2024
Scarborough Spa
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK


Triptykon 2024 UK exclusive
Wolves in the Throne Room 2024 UK exclusive ‘Two Hunters’ live in its entirety
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber 2024 UK exclusive
Misþyrming 2024 UK exclusive
Blackbraid 2024 UK exclusive/debut
Panopticon 'Roads to the North' anniversary full album set 2024 UK exclusive
Fluisteraars 2024 UK exclusive/debut
Thy Light 2024 UK exclusive
Furia 2024 UK exclusive
Obsidian Kingdom 'Mantiis' full album set 2024 UK exclusive
Fellwarden worldwide live debut, 2024 UK exclusive
Ultha 2024 UK exclusive
Lamp of Murmuur 2024 UK exclusive
Waldgeflüster 2024 UK exclusive
Dödsrit 2024 UK exclusive
Falls of Rauros 2024 UK exclusive/debut
Blood Countess


Tickets: https://www.fortressfestival.co.uk/tickets
Standard weekend tickets: £159
Day tickets to be released later. Standard tickets will also be available via the Scarborough Spa Box Office.

The First of June. 2024... Under the watchful gaze of the carrion crows that beset the castle’s crumbling battlements… the hordes of darkness will stir. The mournful bells of the woebegone church will ring out upon the hillside: soon to be lost amid the ravenous battery of an ancient warlord. And from the ashes of the past, a new stronghold will arise… “Fortress…”

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About Scarborough Spa

Multi-complex 1,800 capacity venue with two stages - main stage and second smaller 'Reaper' stage. Pundits will have access to a restaurant, multiple bars, sun court area with food vendors, a music market that connects both stages and free venue pass-outs throughout.

Getting to Fortress Festival & Accommodation

Travel to and from Scarborough can be done at relative ease. Trains and buses run regularly from York to Scarborough. There is a 2-hour direct train from London to York.

Accommodation: Scarborough is a seaside town, full of family-run B&Bs, Airbnbs and hotels, which can generally be cheaper by booking directly, rather than using third party online booking vendors.

About Reaper Agency UK

Reaper Agency UK have been hosting unique black metal festival events, UK exclusive/debut shows and UK/EU tours, over the last three years. All of their festival events/exclusives have either sold out or been successful and very well attended.

Reaper have a roster of bands that they work with for management or bookings that include: Ante-Inferno, Abduction, Ninkharsag, Nemorous, Andracca, Devastator, Darkest Era, Gospelheim, Cairns.

Fortress Festival press contact - Dominic Athanassiou, 3nation, dom@3-nation.com

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