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50 Cent advises 1D to reform: 'It's a mistake not to take advantage of their popularity'

Rapper 50 Cent thinks that boyband One Direction are missing a huge opportunity to make money with their extended hiatus and has advised them to reform immediately. 

Speaking to Britain's Daily Star newspaper, he explained that the lads should get back together if they can because they're missing out on huge potential earnings:

"I am coming at this with my business head on, but the One Direction guys took a break at the wrong time. My advice to them would be to reform as quickly as they can."

"They can reform in five or six years, but they are a phenomenon at the moment. They are never going to be as popular as they are now, this is the peak for them. As an artist, I understand that they want to go off and try their own thing, but they got to understand that not many people who leave a boyband go on to be Justin Timberlake (former NSYNC member)."

50 Cent went onto add that because they're deeply missed by their fanbase, they should reunite if at all possible: "But now is the time where they can add another 30, 40, 50 million dollars to their net worth. And it would be a mistake not to take advantage of that."

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Watch 50 Cent talking about one of his favourite verses below:


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