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5SOS's Michael: 'My mum listens to our music every day'

Guitarist Michael Clifford, of 5 Seconds Of Summer fame, has revealed that his mother is a big fan of his band's music and listens to their songs all the time.

Writing on the group's official Twitter page this morning (May 13), the heartthrob explained that his mum has been playing their single 'She Looks So Perfect' on a daily basis and even sings along with the lyrics:

"My mum literally listens to SLSP every day and sings along makes me happy - M-unit."

Earlier this month, member Luke Hemmings' mother opened up about what the lads are like on tour and praised them for being self-sufficient and able to take really good care of themselves away from home:

"I have been travelling with the boys and they're actually loads of fun as you can see most of the time... I've had to say to Michael (Clifford), 'You have to get up now!' They're pretty self-sufficient now. I'm very, very proud."

5 Seconds Of Summer, meanwhile, will head to Las Vegas this coming weekend where they will perform a live set at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. The boys have now revealed their excitement about the high-profile slot on Twitter, writing: "Can't believe in just a few days we are heading to the BILLBOARD AWARDS!!!! That's totally crazy!!! WHAT THE HELL."

Watch their lyric video for new single 'Don't Stop' here: