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5SOS on leaving school to pursue music: 'We had to prove to our parents it was worth it'

Drummer Ashton Irwin has revealed that quitting school to focus on 5 Seconds Of Summer full-time was a huge decision and one that was stressful for all of the lads' parents because they had to prove the life-changing move was truly worth sacrificing their education for. 

Speaking to Australia's Kyle and Jackie O, the lads opened up about dropping out of school to pursue their band and Irwin confessed that it was definitely a trying time, but their parents were incredibly supportive and believed in them one hundred percent: "You've kind of got to prove to them that it's worth leaving school. They had faith for some reason and they really got behind it in the end."

When asked if they passed their music classes, Irwin joked that he failed part of his TAFE course, which is an Australian vocational education and training provider, but it doesn't matter because he's doing so well now in the real world and the music industry:

"We make it sound like we were... we did OK in music. I failed performance at TAFE, but that was because I... My TAFE teacher inboxed me on Facebook the other day and was a little mad because I hadn't put TAFE in the best light!"

Watch the interview in full here: