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5SOS reveal ideal girlfriend qualities: 'Maybe we've already met our dream girls and don't know it yet'

'She Looks So Perfect' hitmakers 5 Seconds Of Summer have revealed the kind of qualities they look for in a girl before deciding to ask her on a date and each member has different views on what's important in a significant other. 

Heartthrob Calum Hood was first to offer his opinion on the kind of girl he would be interested in, explaining that he loves females who are a little offbeat: "I like a girl who’s quirky, funny and slightly weird. We’re weird guys so it needs to be balanced out.”

5SOS's drummer Ashton Irwin, who has just been showing off his brand new band tattoo, admitted that he's more interested in personality: “Character is important, so I look for someone who’s confident and interesting.”

Luke Hemmings, meanwhile, wants to date someone who is confident and comfortable in themselves: “I’m just looking for someone who likes me and is comfortable in their own skin."

The band's guitarist, Michael Clifford, added that he's not sure if his dream girl exists, but often wonders if it's someone he has already met and just hasn't realised: "My dream girl would be funny, weird and caring! I don’t know if I’ve met her yet, but then again, maybe I have and just haven’t known it.”

Watch a recent interview with the band below: