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5SOS release debut album in OZ and NZ

Australian heartthrobs 5 Seconds Of Summer have finally released their self-titled debut album in their home country and New Zealand, and they confessed that it's such an overwhelming experience.

Michael Clifford, who plays guitar in the band, tweeted: "Hope everyone who's listened to the album is lovin' it :) night guys xx." Calum Hood, meanwhile, simply asked fans if they're enjoying the record, and drummer Ashton Irwin shared the following tweet:

"Can't explain how much this album means to us.. I just hope you like it that's all."

A message was also uploaded to the social networking site from the lads' collective page, which reads: "OZ & NZ ! our album is FINALLY OUT thanks for everything, we hope u love it."

Earlier today (June 26), the superstars confessed that they want to help people get through tough times with the lyrics of their songs: "I think I have a strong message to sort of deliver sometimes to people who have been through things. I really want to help people, that's what I do with songwriting."

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Watch a recent interview with the boys below: