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5SOS describe each other: 'He's the weirdest and used to have an alter ego, but we won't talk about that'

Earlier today (June 30), Australian heartthrobs 5 Seconds To Summer sat down for an interview with ITV's 'This Morning' in the UK and each member gave a description of themselves. 

When asked to describe themselves in detail, the lads excitedly accepted and for guitarist Michael Clifford they said: "He is the crazy guy. He is the rock spirit of our band. You gotta love Michael."

Luke Hemmings, according to the other boys, "has good legs. Good strong, legs. He is the perfect guy to be standing in the middle of the stage." Calum Hood, meanwhile, "started us all on song writing. And we were like aww wow. I think he is the weirdest person in the band but he hides that. He used to have an alter ego but we won’t talk about that..."

They all agreed that drummer Ashton Irwin is the group's patriarch: "Is the guy who was the driving force behind the band. Literally, he used to drive us around. We took it seriously from then on. He is like the older brother. Or the father."

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Watch their full 'This Morning' interview below: