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5SOS on debut album: 'People thought we would be watered down because we signed to a major label'

Australian hitmakers 5 Seconds Of Summer recently released their highly anticipated debut album and told Britain's Daily Star newspaper that it's a huge achievement and they're proud of the record. 

Speaking to the publication, member Calum Hood explained that after two years of working hard on the collection of tracks it's an amazing feeling to finally be able to share them all with their devoted fans:

“It’s the best feeling to be able to give them our music. We’ve been writing our album for two years and from day one the fans have been begging us to hear it.”

The band's drummer, heartthrob Ashton Irwin, added that signing with a major record label didn't alter their sound as they are lucky enough to work with a team who are incredibly supportive and great at letting them retain as much creative control as possible:

“This is nothing but us. People thought we would be watered down because we signed to a major label. But we found a really supportive group of people and put out an album that we’re really proud of. We feel like we are representing our country because Australia hasn’t had anything big for a while.”

As previously reported, Irwin also expressed a desire to have a long career in music and with 5SOS: "We’d love to still be here in another 50 years. For me as a fan, one of the coolest things is growing up with bands and seeing them evolve. I started listening to Green Day when I was 11, and I still listen to them now. They deliver the soundtrack to your lives."

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Watch the band's new lyric video for 'Amnesia' below: