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5SOS's Calum Hood: 'I've said 'I love you' to my mum, but I haven't said it to a girl'

Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds Of Summer often chat about dating, but one of the boys has revealed that he's never been in a serious relationship.

During an interview with Top Of The Pops magazine, the lads opened up about romance and member Calum Hood confessed that he still hasn't ever told a girl he loves her because it's such a big deal:

"I say it to my mum all the time, but I haven't said it to a girl. I'm scared of commitment."

Michael Clifford then jumped in and admitted that he once told a girlfriend that he loved her, but didn't really understand what the gesture meant: "I have. And she said it back... I was young though, so I didn't really know what love meant."

The band, meanwhile, are currently enjoying some well-deserved down time before their crazy schedule starts up again and Hood's last tweet, which was shared yesterday (January 11), hints at the kind of weekend he had: "Potentially have the worst hangover in history."

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