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5SOS on 'She's Kinda Hot' message: 'We've all felt like we don't fit in at times'

Australian heartthrobs 5 Seconds Of Summer have opened up about the message in their brand new single and confessed that they want fans to be able to relate to it, because they certainly do

Speaking to backstage at their recent gig in San Francisco, the pop-punkers admitted that they're tired of hearing the same kinds of songs on the radio so thought they would shake things up by releasing 'She's Kinda Hot'. 

Calum Hood said: "Hopefully we introduce a bit more guitar on the radio and inspire some people to pick up guitars. We love rock music and we want to hear it back on mainstream radio. I am sick and tired of hearing all this bulls**t on the radio, if I am going to be honest. It is driving me insane."

He went onto talk about the single's message and admitted that he has felt bullied and like an outsider in the past: "Everyone has felt they kind of sucked sometimes, especially with us when the band first started and we didn’t fit into anything. The first shows we played were after metal bands and everyone hated us."

"We are on tour in America at the moment and you look out into the crowd and everyone has different crazy colours in their hair or are dressed together in costumes and it’s a place where everyone can feel they belong. Everyone is having a good time and no one is looking around thinking ‘Should I be jumping up and down, do I look like a di#*head?’"

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Watch the lyric video for 'She's Kinda Hot' below: