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5SOS's Ashton on the track he's most proud of: 'It's our best songwriting'

Australian hitmakers 5 Seconds Of Summer will be releasing their new album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' in October and member Ashton Irwin has revealed that there's one song on the record that he absolutely loves. 

The band's drummer, Irwin, took to his official Twitter page today (August 28) and explained that he's incredibly proud of one particular new song from their new album called 'The Girl Who Cried Wolf': "'The Girl Who Cried Wolf' is the best song I think we've written and recorded so far, I love it!!!"

He also addressed the fact that music often seems to appear online before it is officially released and confessed that he hates leaks, but has to look on the bright side and be happy that fans are so enthusiastic to hear new material:

"Leaking is bullshit, I hate it. Artists work hard on songs and want them to be heard at the right time. Although it's amazing that you wanna listen so early! You feel me!? I'm sure ya do!"

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Watch behind-the-scenes footage from the boys' latest music video below:


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