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5SOS: 'We learn new things every day - we want to be a better band'

'She's Kinda Hot' hitmakers 5 Seconds Of Summer are just wrapping up their extensive Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour and they opened up about life on the road in a new interview feature for VEVO.

Speaking about performing to arenas full of fans, the lads admitted that it's a learning curve because they started out playing to smaller crowds where the dynamic was very different:

"It is different. You really need to learn how to make people in the back feel like they're in the front row. So all the action needs to be bigger. We're always learning everyday - we want to be a better band."

Drummer Ashton Irwin confessed that while touring is an amazing thing to do, it can really take its toll on them: "It's fun, but it can be mentally and physically challenging. We do show show show and then we have a day off or a travel day..."

They also talk about the importance of the band's beloved tour manager, Zop, and how he gets them out of bed in the mornings on the bus. Ben Booker, and how much respect they have for their drum tech and stage manager, Derek.

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