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Thursday, September 24, 2015 4:07am ET by  
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5SOS on negativity: 'People were like, 'these guys are s**t-ugly''

Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer are gearing up to release their new album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' and member Ashton Irwin has revealed to Billboard that it's an important record because of the themes it deals with. 

He explained: "Look at Top 40. No one is writing music that highlights what everyone is scared to talk about - which is that everyone is sick and depressed these days. People our age, we all feel like s**t about ourselves. We wake up and we look at our phones, and there are a thousand opinions on who we are - or what we are. It's destructive."

Guitarist Michael Clifford went onto add that he and his bandmates weren't so well-received to begin with as people would say mean things about his band when they were opening for One Direction at the beginning of their collective career:

"There were s**tloads of people being like, 'F**k this band, these guys are all s**t-ugly dips**ts. What are they doing on tour with One Direction, my perfect babies?"

5SOS, meanwhile, have just announced that they will be taking part in BBC's annual fundraiser, Children In Need, by performing at this year's One Big Night at Wembley's SSE Arena on October 8.

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