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5SOS have confessed they get worn down by all the travelling

Australian pop-punk hitmakers 5 Seconds Of Summer are used to visiting different countries around the world, but one of the lads is more content with being at home than the others. 

Speaking to Britain's Miss Vogue, the heartthrobs opened up about their insane tour schedule and member Calum Hood, who plays bass in the band, admitted that they all have different opinions on travelling so much:

"Ashton and Luke really like travelling but Michael's always pretty happy at home. We're all away so much that sometimes just being in one place for a while is the best thing. I think we're going to get to go to Asia and South America on tour next summer though, which will be really cool." 

When asked to talk about their favourite thing in London, frontman Luke Hemmings admitted that he really enjoys hanging out at pubs: "I always like to go to a pub. We went to a funny pub yesterday - it was called a gastropub but none of us were that sure what that means. They served snails."

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