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5SOS's Ashton admits a 'bad decision' that he's not proud of

Aussie heartthrobs 5 Seconds Of Summer recently sat down for an interview with the NME and things got a little cheeky. 

The boys talked about a variety of topics ranging from egging people's houses to waking up in various states of undress and sobriety. When asked to reveal the weirdest place they've ever woken up, drummer Ashton Irwin explained

"I've woken up in my car on New Year's Eve... it wasn't even my car, I had borrowed it. Woke up in the Australian heat... I'd done some, uh, recreational drinking the night before and I woke up and I drove home. That was a bad decision of mine and I'm not proud of it. I did some damage to this car and didn't tell the person I'd borrowed it from."

Calum Hood then recalled an incident where he and the other 5SOS lads egged someone's house that he holds a grudge against: "I don't hate anyone, but there is this person I dislike... it has been 4 years and I just can't let it go. On the last night we were like, 'let's egg this person's house'." Irwin added: "We used a military technique almost. We were in a family van and you can slide the door open... so we were still moving and just..."

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