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10 times bands and artists had nothing but support and praise for 5SOS

Australian rockers 5 Seconds Of Summer have enjoyed an incredible rise to fame over the past few years and it's great to see that they have support from their peers. 

We have rounded up some of our favourite quotes from other bands and artists who have voiced their admiration for the lads so you can see just how loved they are by their contemporaries. 

Fall Out Boy

Last spring, Fall Out Boy's frontman Patrick Stump told BBC Radio 1 that they're such huge fans of the band that they're keen to collaborate with them, but putting that plan into action comes down with trying to align schedules: "What’s crazy is we keep trying to have it happen, then it doesn’t happen. It’s one of those things."

Joe Trohman added: "It’s timings and stuff. It’ll happen eventually.”

Member Pete Wentz told Shazam Top 20: "We got a chance to hang out with the 5 Seconds kids when we were in California last week. I thought they were, like, really sweet and funny."

All Time Low

Pop-punk heroes All Time Low are fond of 5SOS and admitted that they were proud to "pass the torch" onto them because they're sure the lads will do a great job of bringing the genre to the next generation:

"It’s a pretty awesome feeling to see it come full circle, knowing that we started in a basement looking up to bands like Green Day and Blink [182] and the Foo Fighters. To know that you’re that band for someone is cool and something special. I don’t think we expected to be that for anyone. They’re such good dudes and I see a lot of us in them—they remind me of us at that age, so it’s awesome to help guide them and pass the torch."

The Madden Brothers

Joel and Benji Madden, of Good Charlotte fame, have collaborated with the 5SOS lads on several occasions and always have the band's collective back. Last February, Joel Madden shared a tweet about writing music with the boys and confessed that it was incredibly enjoyable: "Working on this @5SOS record has been one of the best experiences of my life."

The twins also credited 5SOS with getting them back into music, telling the Rolling Stone: "People have a hard time believing a group like 5 Seconds of Summer. They're all so damn personable and they're cute and they're good at music. We had the same thing. People thought Good Charlotte was manufactured. We met in high school!"

Steel Panther

The band shared a photograph of themselves hanging out with 5 Seconds Of Summer on Twitter back in 2014 and told their online following that just because they lads appeal to a younger demographic doesn't mean they go to bed early and behave themselves. Steel Panther teased: "Don't let the @5SOS guys fool you, they know how to party!!"

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance's frontman Gerard Way had nothing but praise for the Aussie rockers and told his Twitter followers that he was particularly impressed by the amount of "heart" they put into their music: 

"I've been getting a lot of mentions about 5SOS and what I think of them so I finally check them out. I think they are incredibly talented, great playing, singing. Driving sound, lots of heart. I'm not surprised at the amount of love they get."

Conrad Sewell

Singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell recalled a fun night spent with 5SOS that ended in skinny dipping and told Hit 30 that they're "good Aussie boys" who know how to have a great time:

"The boys... I was on the Jingle Ball Tour with the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys and we just got along great. We had a couple of crazy nights on the tour, which ended up in a bit of skinny dipping in Miami with a few people at six in the morning... Those guys are legends. I love them. They're good Aussie boys."

One Direction

Back in 2014, Liam Payne told Britain's Sunday Telegraph that he was "jealous" of the band's musical prowess and he wished that his own skills were as tight as theirs: "They are f***ing great musicians. I am a bit jealous of them. I am working on learning to play now but I wish I had put the time in like they did when they were kids. They are so massive right now."

The Veronicas

Fellow Aussies The Veronicas had great things to say about 5 Seconds Of Summer back in 2014 during an interview with NOVA FM and explained that they're proud to see the boys achieving such incredible things:

"We love those boys. We met them years ago. We're so proud of everything they've done and they're living the dream. We wrote some fun little songs together in our spare time. Not any full songs - just stupid songs on guitar."

Ed Sheeran

A couple of years ago British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran told Capital FM that he was particularly excited at how 5SOS are bringing guitar-led music to the new younger crowd because that's what bands like Blink-182 or Green Day did for his own generation:

"I think they're really good. I think they've got great voices, I think the songs are good, I think their overall appeal is good. They're actually a guitar-playing band who appeal to the boyband generation, but aren't a boyband. They're like Blink-182 or Green Day or Sum 41." 

Kendall Schmidt from Heffron Drive (formerly of Big Time Rush)

Chatting to 95.5 PLJ about the pesky boyband label that follows certain musical groups around, Schmidt explained that 5SOS don't need to worry about how they're labelled as they're enjoying great success and know their demographic, which they appeal to very well:

"At a certain point, we realised that yeah, we were a boyband. If you looked up in the dictionary what a boyband is - it would usually involve singing and dancing. I think 5 Seconds Of Summer is a band of boys, but I wouldn't say they're a boyband, no. I also don't think they need to worry about it at all! If you want to call them an interpretative dance band, it doesn't matter. They're doing OK!"

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