KarenBE - Light It Up / ANUENUE

KarenBE - Light It Up

KarenBE, the Empress of Love, has collected and harvested the sweetness of summer and brewed up holographic sonic delights. As always, drawing deep from her Syrian and Bajan roots and savoring her Hawaiian teachings, KarenBE has flipped the game once again, invoking sun drenched poetry into a rainbow of sound and color to share with the world.  Following her DoomBe “Special Blooom" EP is the launch of her first mixx, “Anuenue”. Named after the Hawaiian word for rainbow, the sounds open portals to a new way, delivering the classic brand new vintage appeal that has come to be the KarenBE trademark. With original songs, remixed tracks, and cosmic collaborations with Sa-Ra, DJ Vadim, Mulatu Astatke, Jay-Z, Sandwich Island Bass, Pugs Atomz, among many others, the mixtape cruises through the sound stages set up in the ethers.
Always delivering sound and color, KarenBE is dropping a couple videos to illustrate the new way. First up is "Light it up", produced by the London Creative agency CAVALRY, a collaboration that was born after the CAVALRY crew attended her secret gig at SiIlwex House, Brick Lane and were instantly captivated by the songstress' performance. CAVALRY's creative director Harris Elliott was keen to work on a project that would reflect Karen's innovative aesthetic saying  - "There was something magical and dreamy that had us hooked...here was a raw talent that I knew we had to had to work with, and help 'light it up'”

ANUENUE (A New Way)  -  https://soundcloud.com/karenbesounds/anuenue-a-new-way-karenbe/

Stay tuned for the forthcoming videos including KarenBE’s remake of Flying Lotus “Astral Thick” and original “Pele”, named after the mother of fire in Hawaii. The videos keep it raw and real, providing that key-hole vision to the worlds divined by she, herself. 

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