LA-based Cuban-American Indie Duo High Grass Unveils "Home" Music Video


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On July 8th, Cuban-American duo High Grass shares a music video for their new single, “Home”. To know High Grass is to truly understand the ambitious journey they’ve been on to unite people together through their music. With “Home” in 2021, the LA-based indie rock band takes their story further than ever before and reveals how relevant it has become.

When they originally started out a decade ago in Havana, Cuba, High Grass knew they were onto something special, but they never knew just how far their music would actually end up taking them. By the time it was 2015, Cuban guitarist Marciel Miranda and Russian vocalist Kristina Miranda made the most crucial and pivotal decision of their entire career. The duo relocated to America, leaving behind an oppressive government that consistently forces its citizens through its irresponsible and corrupt actions to leave their home. Documented in а groundbreaking single “90 Miles” at the end of 2020, High Grass shared their experience about the heartbreaking choice people have to make in search of a better life. “Home” adds even more detail to the origin story of their journey and highlights the complex emotional conflicts that affect people all across the world to this day. This captivating song will move the hearts and minds of all who listen by boldly exploring the depths of thought-provoking lyricism and vibrant sound.

When speaking more on “Home”, Kristina explained
“Leaving home is never easy, but sometimes we are forced to do so. We wrote this song to unite the world and to bring awareness to Cuban-American relations. As for now, people on the island crave for change.”

Fearlessly demonstrating how the hardest decisions in life can lead to the most spectacular and rewarding results, High Grass is thriving in their new “Home” and sounding more inspired than ever on their latest single. From the gripping and intense atmosphere of their music, to the breathtaking vocals and insightful lyricism, High Grass puts true conviction, passion, and heart into every note they play and sing throughout the single. As compelling as it is devastatingly direct, and as encouraging as it is entertaining - “Home” proves how High Grass has the artistic integrity and courage required to shed light in the darkness for others to follow.

The single features the remarkable talents of Christian Paschall (Maren Morris, David Crowder) and Matt Bissonette (Elton John, Ringo Starr) and is supported by a stunningly symbolic stop-motion video. These visuals brilliantly tie in the core concepts of the fragility of life and chilling uncertainty that comes with leaving home on the unknown pathway to liberty. “Home” is a moving and meaningful song designed to remind people everywhere that they deserve freedom, happiness, & love – and that it’s always worth fighting for. In this way, High Grass has created an unforgettable moment in time through their music that is bound to resonate strongly in the hearts of many.

Join High Grass as they create awareness for important social issues that affect us all, and unite the world closer together through an emotionally charged experience. Their sound is unlike any other, so watch their riveting new single straight on your screens in 2021.

July 8, 2021 3:28am ET by 90 Miles Music  

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