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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 3:01pm ET by  

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Adam Levine praises Miley Cyrus: 'She's fantastic and so talented'

Songstress Miley Cyrus has been advising Season 10 contestants of 'The Voice' in America and coach Adam Levine, of Maroon 5 fame, has opened up about working with her on set. 

Speaking to Access Hollywood about the 'We Can't Stop' star's time on the show, he explained that it has been great getting to know her and the rumours circulating in the press that suggest there's tension between them are completely false.

"I'm just getting to know Miley," he said. "There was some nonsense about us not getting along or something, but I love Miley. That's totally bullshit and not true. People like to say shit... she's fantastic and so talented, well, both of them (Alicia Keys) are. They couldn't be more different... it's nice to have two women shake it up a little bit. I'm excited."

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Watch Cyrus on 'The Voice' below:

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