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Adam Levine hooked on British television quiz shows

Maroon 5 heartthrob Adam Levine has backtracked on his confession about not watching television and revealed that he loves British quiz shows.

Although the singer and 'The Voice' panelist recently admitted that he refuses to watch inane programmes, he has now explained to the Daily Star newspaper that he makes exceptions for a couple of UK daytime shows that involve big money prizes:

"Your daytime TV quiz shows like Deal or No Deal and Countdown are brilliant. We don't have anything like that in America, grab some tea and slob out."

Meanwhile, Levine has been posting tweets about his opinions on food (June 8) and exclaimed that while he loves tomato soup he "absolutely" can't stand tomato juice:

"How is it that I LOVE tomato soup and absolutely hate tomato juice? Is it the subtle difference of temperature and utensil choice?"

"Germans make breakfast almost as well as they make luxury automobiles. Sour gummy coke bottles might be my favorite candy ever....yep. Favorite candy ever."




Watch Maroon 5's music video for 'Payphone' below: