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Steven Tyler: 'Aerosmith is something else you’ll never see again'

Rock icon Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith fame, has revealed that his band is a once in a lifetime kind of thing that could never be replicated

Chatting to Billboard about their upcoming Farewell Tour and the group's future following that, he explained that they're just still amazed to be playing music and touring together:

"Aerosmith is something else you’ll never see again. We all love each other, five of us are still alive, every one of us is still playing better than ever -- and I’m not just saying that because we just came off a South American tour. Yes, we have ups and downs. But one of the things I’m learning in life is that being away from each other is sometimes the healthiest thing we can do. You know? I dare to say that being away from each other may have saved a few marriages on this planet."

He added: “The one thing that’s never failed is that when we get back together to rehearse the love is there again and I’ve been closer to Joe now in the last three weeks, in the last two months than I think of in our whole career -- short of when we started. But I think we see eye-to-eye on why we got together as a band and what the power of our music does for ourselves first and the rest of the world afterwards.”

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Watch the band in action here:

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