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Steven Tyler talks new music inspiration

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has joked that the band's new music caters for "rich fat people" who travel to the moon.

The American rock band are releasing their fifteenth studio album, Music From Another Dimension! later this month, and Steven is proud of the eccentric themes behind the group's new music.

He told the Metro: "On the song Beautiful, I wanted to make music that people would be listening to on the way to the moon, when it’s a resort.

He jokingly continued: "There’s less gravity, so all the rich fat people in the world will be up there: 'Whoopee!'"

Aerosmith are famed for their hell-raising antics, with Steven struggling with heavy drug and alcohol addictions in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The long-haired star has since said goodbye to his destructive days.

He explained: "The strength comes in knowing  not to cross the line. When I got on stage, I never stopped to feel the energy; I was just in it."




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