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'Steven Tyler Act' approved by the Hawaii state Senate

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is celebrating today (March 11) after the Hawaii state Senate passed a bill he proposed to safeguard celebrities against the intrusive lenses of the paparazzi.

The 'Steven Tyler Act' gives stars the right to sue over unapproved photographs and recordings taken of them on the islands.

The well-loved rocker explained to Billboard that he, like many other celebrities, enjoys taking vacations in Hawaii but there's always a sense of having to watch your behaviour in case someone is shooting pictures of you without your permission:

"[In Hawaii], they are allowed in with their lenses and they get the most intimate of shots, which is what they are really looking for to make money. Not on my watch! It's really about privacy at its upmost -- when you're inside and the doors are closed."

He added that the paparazzi also go after his family, which is always worrying: "They chase my kids and get in the way of traffic. We almost got in an accident and so before it happens, you want to do something about it. They're just looking for a taste of blood. They're not gonna get it."

The 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' singer admitted that now the law has passed in Hawaii, it makes it more likely that other states will follow suit: "The great thing is now that it's passed, people can bring it to the courts in other states. It's going to snowball I bet because it's not just a problem in Hawaii. It's here. It's there. It's everywhere."





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