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Alexandra Burke says she didn't chase DJ Fresh for a collaboration

Alexandra Burke has dismissed claims by DJ Fresh that she pestered him for a collaboration.

The British music man was recently quoted by Hits Radio saying the the former X Factor winner left him notes and chased him around in her attempts to get a duet.

He said: "[She was] leaving notes for me everywhere saying they wanted to work with me and then kind of got up in my face and gave me their phone number and was like, 'make sure you call me, make sure you call me' and I was already thinking, that you're a good singer and stuff, but you just wouldn't fit on my music and I already knew that I wasn't going to be calling her."

Burke has since responded on Twitter, suggesting that the claims aren't true. She said:

"DJ FRESH. Chill babe. NOBODY WAS LEAVING YOU NOTES OR CHASING YOU FOR A DUET. Love your music but I didn't beg you for anything...DJ FRESH - When you do interviews come with the correct information.. ! Thanks!"

DJ Fresh's latest single 'Dibby Dibby Sound' meanwhile reached No.3 in the UK chart at the weekend.




Watch Alexandra Burke being interviewed below: